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Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are on practically all emergency exit doors around the world.  The operation of a magnetic lock relies on most of the common basics of magnetism. The mechanism makes use of a magnetic field and is, in essence, an electromagnet with a force strong enough to prevent a door from being opened.

Since there are no interconnecting parts electromagnetic locks are much easier to install that most other locks. They are considered more durable than other locks since there are no interconnecting parts and the doors unlock immediately upon the power being cut, which is one feature that makes them ideal for emergency exits.

The locks are cost effective in comparison to other high security locks and while they differ from conventional mechanical locks in that they use magnetism and electricity, and not on a latch or bolt for security.  Magnetic locks are installed on the inside of the door and cannot be tampered with from the outside because there is no wiring or hardware that can be exposed from the outside.

Whenever you are in a place and notice the emergency exit you can feel safer knowing that an electromagnetic lock is on the door.  To have AAA American Locksmith install a magnetic locking system for you, simply call us today and we will gladly discuss your needs with you.

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