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Vat System

What is a VAT system and why do I need it?

Let us take a moment to explain.  The original factory installed anti theft system used on GM passenger cars beginning in 1986 is known as VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System), also got a new name, Passkey(Personalized Automobile Security System). Both names refer to the same system. The name change was made strictly for marking reasons

The heart of the VATS system is a resistor pellet embedded in the shank of the ignition key. Each VATS key will have one of fifteen different resistor values. When the VATS key is inserted into the ignition switch, the resistor pellet is positioned between a pair of contacts located inside the ignition lock. Each time the lock is turned to the ON position, the VATS control module routes an electric current through the resistor pellet and determines the value of the resistor.

If the value of the resistor  pellet in the key matches the value stored in the computer’s memory, the computer allows the car to start. If the value on the resistor pellet does not match the value stored in memory, the car will not start, and a timer will prevent the car from starting, even with the correct key, until a predetermined penalty period has elapsed.

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