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Commercial Buzzer System / Electric Strikes

What is an Electronic Strike System and Why Should I Consider it?

An Electronic Strike (also commonly referred to as a “buzzer system”), is one that operates using an electric current. Some systems are mounted directly on the lock and are the only security device employed, while others are connected to an access control system.

Authentication is the method employed by an electronic lock to open and grant access. The most common is the use of a numerical code, where a specific sequence of numbers or letters must be entered for the lock to disengage. These types of locks are frequently seen on entrance doors in apartment buildings, business complexes or parking garages. Another common use for numerical access locks is a safe or vault. Another authentication method is a security token, such as a key card that must be scanned or swiped to let the user in. This type of electronic lock may also be found on entry doors, businesses, parking garages and elevators.

The main reasons to use an Electronic Strike lock, (also referred to as a “Buzzer System”), are:

  1. Key control, giving the owner of the lock the ability to add and remove keys without having to incur the expense of rekeying.
  2. Fine access control, meaning that time and place can be factors in allowing the electronic lock to be disengaged.
  3. Transaction logging, so a record is kept of all activity that occurs.
  4. It does not require a key to enter, but rather, permission from someone else to “buzz” you in.

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