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Commercial Exit Devices / Panic Bars

Do you Need a Panic Bar Installed in Your Business?

Door exit devices are known by many names, including crash, panic, and push bars. By whatever name, exit devices are safety devices – spring-loaded metal bars, horizontally fixed to the push side of a door, (the side you push to open). The first ones were put in place more than 125 years ago. They became more widespread after 1903 when more than 600 people died in a Chicago theater fire.  National and local laws require commercial buildings to provide panic bars on all emergency exits. This makes it possible for a number of exits from a small business throughout an urgent situation, however allows these very same doors to be closed externally.

Today, building codes around much of the world require them on all fire and emergency exits. They’re designed to open a door quickly, using any part of the body – in the dark if necessary. They also automatically latch once they close, as fire codes require.

Unlike locksets, exit devices are mounted on one side of the door, making them one-way. To make your door two-way, you’ll need to mount another handle on the opposite side.

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