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Commercial High Security Locks

Commercial High Security Locks are necessary to keep your business and inventory secure.  We offer both Medeco and Mul-T-Lock high security locks, which are the best in the business, to our clientele.  Regardless of the type of business you have, our in-house technicians have both the experience and expertise to install high security locks to secure your business and bring you piece of mind.  Simply call us today and we will secure your business with Commercial Grade High Security Locks.

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Retail businesses are often required to protect a number of access points, from doors to windows, while remaining within budget and ensuring easy, quick access at the appropriate times. We can install Commercial High Security Locks to ensure that your business is secure.


Medical centers, psychiatric hospitals, senior citizen facilities and probationary institutions often need to facilitate instant access by authorized staff to premises in case of emergency, while protecting the same premises against undesirable intrusions. Our Certified Technicians can secure these facilities as well.


Vandalism, theft and burglaries are increasing exponentially in schools and academic campuses. School administrators are called upon to secure their most valuable physical asset: the classroom or lecture hall. We can install Commercial High Security Locks that offer a dedicated classroom cylinder option, allowing teachers access to their authorized premises, while facilitating egress for students so that they are not inadvertently locked in.


Insurance companies have unique security legitimization needs, requiring an audit trail that will clearly demonstrate who had legitimate access to specific premises or other property. The patented and proven Interactive® CLIQ system that we can install for you is an excellent solution.


Municipalities must manage a multitude of public premises in many locations. These premises must be safely secured, yet easily accessible to authorized personnel and/or the public. For easy and effective management of numerous premises and facilities, the Masterkey concept is a proven answer, and we deliver on all fronts.


Companies operating fleets, from small utility vans to large delivery trucks, want to know that their cargo is secured, while accessible to those authorized to use it. You may need to secure one or more of the mobile unit, (vans), to ensure that your valuables are not stolen.  We can install Commercial High Security Locks on your vehicle(s) to ensure the best possible security.


During construction, contractors wish to provide easy access to workers and lock up apartments when not in use. Upon delivery of the apartments to customers, however, each apartment should have its own exclusive access system. The innovative design of Mul-T-Lock’s Construction Key concept is a direct response to these challenges, and we can install and secure these living quarters.