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Commercial Safes

Do you Need to Secure Cash, Documents or Data?

Our team of professional installers will deliver, install and answer any questions you may have about your commercial safe at the time of installation.

Commercial safes are often used to store important documents as well as cash and checks, and are usually equipped with a drop slot.  We provide and install any of these types of safes for you.  A drop safe allows for the money and documents to be sled in the safety of the safe without using the lock or the door, thanks to this provision, cash can be quickly and efficiently secured. Depository safes are an evolved version of the drop safes, they are usually equipped with a front loading drawers system designed to prevent any attempt of “fishing”.

Office safes answer a different need. Theft may be an issue, but the main enemy of the office safe content is fire. The documents produced, or data recordings and backup drives are the items that need to be protected.

We offer you a rang of safes for every need.  Some safes are mainly designed to protect from the risk of fire and can resist up to 2 hours of fire exposure, while combination safes offer a superior protection against both burglaries and fire.

We will supply and install safes and vaults that will protect your cash, important documents. We specialize in providing commerical safes for hotels, supermarkets or gas stations or any other place of business.  We service all of Miami Dade County (305) 707-2699Broward County (954) 440-7544, and Palm Beach County (561)-203-4008.  Call us today and we will rush out to your location.  We look forward to hearing from you.