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Rekey Residential Locks

What does “Rekey” Mean, and Why Should I Consider it?

To “Rekey” a home lock means to change the internal workings of a door lock so the old key cut no longer opens the lock. The lock is reset to work with a different key cut. The deadbolts, knobs, and hardware are NOT replaced, we only replace the internal mechanisms that accept the key. Rekeying home locks is a cost effective way to change the keys to your home or rental property. There are many situations where a residential Rekeyis needed.

For example:

  • Lost, stolen or unreturned keys.
  • Want all your home locks use the same key.
  • Rekeying a home saves money compared to replacing lock.
  • Purchased new home and want to insure no one else has a key.
  • Tenants turnover of a leased property.
  • Change Cleaning or service companies.
  • Roommate moved out.
  • Comply with local or state property codes.

Our friendly customer service representatives will help schedule a service call in a time block that is convenient for you. Our expert residential locksmith will arrive in uniform. We arrive with the tools and experience needed to quickly complete the job.

To rekey a lock, we replace the internal workings of your door locks so the old keys no longer work, and we will provide you with new keys at the time of service. Exterior doors usually have two keyholes, one doorknob and one deadbolt. Therefore 6 keyholes usually is equivalent to 3 doors.

We will provide you with new keys to your locks at the time that we change the locks for you. We understand you may need more than one key copy, and that is why we will provide you with 2 keys. If you need more than 2 new keys, please let us know and we will be happy to make additional copies for you.

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