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Residential Mailbox Locks

Do You Need to Change Your Mailbox Key?

Most businesses, apartment complexes and condominium buildings have community mailboxes where all the mail is delivered and distributed.  Most people think that when one of the above occurs that you need to call the Post Office in order to get in touch with your mail delivery person. That is not accurate. The mail person who delivers your mail does not have individual keys for each and every mailbox to which the mail is delivered. The Postal Service has one key that opens a master lock which is built into the mailbox system that opens the door to all the boxes.  The Post Office does not replace or repair mailbox locks.  Changing the lock to your mailbox lock does not interfere with the US Postal Service delivering your mail.

Reasons you would need a locksmith for a mailbox:

  • You have lost your mailbox key.
  • You just purchased a new home or business and need to change the lock.
  • You have just purchased a new home or business and the previous owner did not leave you the key to the mailbox lock.
  • Your mailbox lock is jammed and you cannot open it.
  • Your mailbox key has stopped working.

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