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Residential Sliding Glass Door Locks

Need to Secure your Patio or Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding glass doors do allow for more light to brighten up your home and make it more attractive. However, the open view of your home also appeals to a lot of burglars.  We find that many people are concerned about bump keys, secure deadbolts, secure doorknobs, pick resistant pins, but most burglaries actually occur through the window or sliding door.  A big advantage to the sliding doors to the thief is there usually located in the back of the building or home, within a screened in porch or enclosure. Thieves know that once they get into the screened-in porches or enclosures, your neighbors wont’ be able to see them, which allows them to their time to gain entry into your home, and with enough time, thieves can then enter your home.

We can install a rock-solid double-bolt security lock in your sliding glass doors that will deter theives.  The double-bolt Lock works by securing the door to the frame at 2 security points and preventing any movement of the door. With its double locking action, it is virtually impossible to remove the door by lifting it off its track. The lock can be mounted above the OEM lock to be out of children’s reach or below the OEM lock to be with in children’s reach.  If you would like us to secure your sliding glass door with a double-bolt locking system, simply call us today  to make an appointment with us, and we will come out to your home at your convenience.  We service all of Miami Dade County (305) 707-2699Broward County (954) 440-7544, and Palm Beach County (561)-203-4008.  Call us today and we will rush out to your location.  We look forward to hearing from you.